Extreme centr karabin

making eternal impact



Creating a new Christian society where every person thrives in every way. In order to create a worldview at a time when the younger generation is being formed, the Biblical principles of life and faith were laid down. Therefore, we equip churches and teams with the instruments of the evangelist through activity.


Sergei Moskovka

executive director

Karabin Camp is a whole world. The world which is different from the real world. The world of entertainment, new emotions, a world where you become more responsible and aware,even if you under 16. A world where you can dream and realize yourself. This is the world of discoveries. Once you come there, once you feel the atmosphere of Karabin you never forget it and you want to come again and again. The atmosphere of acceptance, new acquaintances, plans and achievements. This is something special. My desire and prayer on one accord with my team is to create and develop more, and more of this.

Tatyana Sumyk

director for the development of the territory

I am a person of atmosphere and impressions, and when I see empty places in the Karabin territory or unfinished facilities, buildings - my heart is simply torn apart, from the fact that I do not have the opportunity to undertake and finish this. I realize that the impression remains for a lifetime in the memory. Sometimes I want "all at once"☺. My prayer is that God fill our hearts with patience, the wisdom of knowing how to organize all process on the territory properly. In the best way ever. I pray for finance for development of the territory and wisdom in their proper distribution.

Roman Golovanov

director of camp development department

My dream is to make the camp a platform that helps many kids and teenagers to develop comprehensively. The only measure of our success is changed lives of our campers after camp by making key decisions. We want to be partners with parents and help to uncover the internal potential of each camper.  Our need and prayers are : the dedication and creativity of the team, the creative program, the trust of parents and safety from the Lord.

Marina Mavrina

administration department

Karabin is not just a place for extreme, fun and relaxation. For me this means much more. I pray that the Lord use our camp to build His Kingdom on the earth, beginning with small changes in hearts of our campers until the whole nation changes.

Irina Sabadakha

program department

My heart's desire and prayer are focused on developing of interesting and useful camp program that will be full of novelties and creative ideas.  I believe that Karabin can become a camp, where every camper want to return again and again, where campers receive  unforgettable impressions and joy through various activities, games, revealing, relevant topics that help to develop their potential and give  the opportunity to have the best summer in their life.  I will be grateful if you  support me in prayer for the creation and development of the program part of Karabin, which would become relevant for our campers.

Vitaliy Smetanyuk

sales and marketing department

I dream that our camp will become the top 1 camp of Ukraine, and we become an example for other camps. I know that only God gives success. So my prayer is about wisdom that God give us to do all things right and for His glory

Mila Strichek

public relations department

My heart fully understands the importance of communication with our customers and parents and understands the value of always being ready to come to their needs and answer the questions they interested in. In modern technologies where it is increasingly common to communicate with clients virtually and with the help of robots we keep profess the value of live communication with our clients. Every family that trusts their child to us - it is a treasure and blessing for us. We know that God gives these souls to us. And who knows, perhaps after meeting us the life of the campers and their families, friends and relatives will turn to meet their Creator. We never know for sure, but we praying for it and dreaming that people's lives change after meeting with Karabin family.

Yana Yarotskaya

HR department / head of the Leadership School Karabin

God has blessed me with the opportunity to give my heart to the ministry in the project. I love what we are doving with our team and praying for God's blessing for every person in our team. I believe that He led each of us at the right time, in a special way, and united us in a single "family" in order to reach the hearts of children, teenagers and their parents. I pray for such needs: 1. a room where we could conduct planning meetings, actively work with the team and run Leadership School Karabin on a larger scale, reaching more and more teenage hearts. 2. financial support for part-timers, believe that God sees need and always gives resources to cover it. 3. spiritual transformation of the society of our country. I believe that we are placed in the "epicenter of pain". Thank God that we have the privilege in our country to proclaim His Name freely. I pray that God work in the hearts of all those who come in contact with us and change our future generation, thirsting for personal knowledge of God.

Oleg Bolshoy

the leader of land and water extreme

It seems to me that I can speak nonstop about Karabin and how I impressed about what God is doing. I like this project, especially I like the time when we communicate with our campers. I used to be a kid and teenager so I know what they need and what they are looking for. Therefore, I decided to join the Karabin team, to build a camp using my experience, knowledge and skills. I pray for our campers and their families.

Artem Chapligin

hikes and tactical training camps department

Children and teenagers is part of my life. Our goal is to change our society, to change our country. To really influence this world without creating the illusion of work, but working hard and doing the best we can. Children are our future, that's why right now we need to work with them, impart to them the right values, love and respect for others.

Karabin. How it’s all began


Extreme Center Karabin is a team of professionals who love extreme sports, society, children and family. By combining our efforts, we create a platform for the movement of camps for new generation in Ukraine. We offer kids and teenagers an active rest, full of extreme and sport activities. Our team strives to do everything to ensure that each participant feels safe, being in a creative and spiritual atmosphere, and most importantly in the circle of friends. Our key principle is Safety. We work with the best teams of the country, dedicated people, people who have "talent from God", real professionals. Children and teenagers who have visited our camps at least once, always want to come back to us - it warms our hearts and motivates us to work even harder.


If you look at the history as a time map, we can see that each of those who is a part of the team Karabin now, took an active life position and was useful to the community, since 2005. Everyone was developing with his dynamics and specifics; someone was coaching a sports team, someone was developing charity through social projects, and someone was working in the field of recreation. Sport unites, develops and expands new opportunities! Thus, being in different organizations several different teams united in a coalition, without official forms of partnership, but in spirit, united around a dream - to create a lot of sports teams, where each athlete will develop comprehensively.


We continued to create active recreation projects, as a response to the need for a lack of quality leisure, conducting sports campuses, festivals and other events aimed at quality leisure for the whole families.


Having changed the place of residence and having gathered from different cities of Ukraine to the capital, we organized our first outdoor project for 10 days, taking about 90 children on the sea to the camp.


There were three more overnight camps, which were visited by more than 400 children. The names of that camps were: "Egypt", "Treasure Island", "Peacemaker". There were also five hikes for children. There was the other one project, which has become significant in our friendship and the formation of relations between the teams, is a fan zone in Kiev during the European Football Championship. After that the more projects we organized, the more we dreamed together of creating something indicative. We were praying and asking God to make this dream come true. We were dreaming of creating a center that would become the place where we could make the eternal impact to kids, teenagers and families.


It was Fall 2014, we stood on the territory, which was overgrown and empty, and on the outskirts there was a garbage dump. We were there, looking around, dreaming that this land would become a piece of paradise. We acquired this land with the help of our friends and partners. We gave our all accumulated funds, and proceeded to plan the next season.


The territory was not fenced, there was no drinking water and no light, there was not a single structure or even a foundation, but no matter what, we started preparing for the summer we knew that God blessed us so we was impossible to stop. A few more of our friends responded to Gods call and donated, we used that money for construction of extreme stations, and entertainment on the water for making time in the camp Karabin unforgettable for our campers. The GALAXY project was the first in the history of the Extreme Center "Karabin". It was an incredible summer, when we had more than 400 children. Among the children were orphans and immigrants from Donbass, and Crimea, this year was difficult for Ukraine and we were very happy to serve the children who lost their parents, relatives, homes, who had to leave everything and move to a new place. More than a hundred young volunteers worked to create a bright summer. Local businessmen, churches, public organizations also responded to the cry for help, and contributed their part to the renovation of the territory and for campers.


The enormity of previous summer was very inspiring for us and we began to prepare plan for the next summer, we started to think about larger project that was part of the celebration of the Olympics in Brazil in 2016. The project was named "RIO". Starting the season with the preparation of 150 leaders, we had 7 different camp that season. We accepted 703 children, among whom were children from boarding schools, children from the red zone (the line of fire in the Donbass), as well as the children of the dead soldiers. The first architectural structures appeared on the Karabin territory, communications began to develop, electricity, a well with water appeared, a dining room was constructed, and first two wooden houses. This season was a big test for the team, a year of lessons and mistakes.


Motivated and inspired by God, we continue to form a Karabin team and to develop the territory. This season we meet with 29 different activities for our campers. Every camper and his family in our hearts.

Karabin today is:

  • good quality rest for kids and teenagers
  • volunteer movement
  • platform for creating the camp program for comprehensive development of our campers
  • partnership of camps and teams
  • workplaces
  • social responsibility
  • new skills, safety and family